April 21, 2014

55. Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, everyone! In this week’s episode, Lisa tells us a really bad joke inspired by Kami, Vick evaluates the story of Max Payne 3 and the mechanics of Disco Zoo, and Joel plays Guild Wars 2 and the sixth and final Layton game, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Also Dave sleeps through the entire recording. - Read More -

April 3, 2014

54. Crowd Displeaser

This week we’re joined by the mercurial Jim Crawford aka Twinbeard of Frog Fractions fame, and he’s been playing Skyrim and Rockband and Hungry Cat Picross; during the recording Lisa plays Doge 2048, a clone of a Threes clone; Joel goes low-fi with the Blackwell series of point and click adventure games; and Dave tells us about the Experimental Games Workshop at GDC and Bounden (watch the video on their site and you’ll get it immediately). - Read More -

March 20, 2014

53. Game, I Am Disappoint

This week we are joined by Chin from Respawn Entertainment (you may have heard of them) and he talks to us about Titanfall and Dota 2; Joel completes his first Legend of Zelda game: A Link Between Worlds and introduces the very forgiving Yoshi’s New Island; Lisa gets started on Autumn Dynasty Warlords (made in Singapore, baby!); and Vick beats down people and slugs in Only One.

In other news, we discuss games that disappointed us and try to figure out where they failed to meet our expectations. You know who you are. That’s right, we’re looking at you, Simcity (2013), Metal Gear Solid 2 & 4Mirror’s Edge, Alphabets, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Fable: The Journey and others. Got a game that disappointed you? Tell us what and why by dropping us an email or a tweet.

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